Meditation With a Disciplined Schedule

Scripture Reading — Psalm 77

I will meditate on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds.
Psalm 77:12


I am 59 years old, and for 45 of those years I could not keep a regular schedule for prayer and meditation on Scripture. Every September since I entered seminary, I resolved to read Scripture and pray alone daily?as many speakers at pastors? conferences recommended. Once I lasted till mid-November. Then church life took over with five breakfast or lunch appointments weekly.

Fourteen years ago one more speaker emphasized the need to read Scripture, use a journal, and pray regularly. But this one knew my problem; it had been his too. He asked, ?How many of you rely on your day-planner to get you where you have to go?? At least 400 of the 500 participants raised their hands. We were slaves to our schedules; we?d do whatever our planners demanded. He had us! ?Now, write ?GOD? in your day-planner at the same time six days a week. You may take a rest from meditation once a week. But do you know what? God will show up every day. Will you show up to meditate on God?s works and Word six days??

It seemed too simple. But after several months of showing up at the same time six days a week, I no longer had to write ?GOD? in my planner. God always showed up, and so did I. One of God?s minor mighty deeds has been to discipline me to spend quality time with him six days a week. And he is always there.


God of all times and places, you know that I find time to do what is important to me. Help me be with you where you are every day of my life. In Jesus? name, Amen.


Devotion topics: Christianity, Discipleship, Disciplines