January 26, 2007

God Is Good

Scripture Reading — 2 Chronicles 30:1, 15-20

"May the LORD, who is good, pardon everyone who sets his heart on seeking God." 2 Chronicles 30:18-19 — 

Years ago, my job was to put insulation--that itchy stuff--into the walls of newly built homes. One day, I had worked especially hard to finish a place, and I completed the job in less time than expected. The next day, however, my boss told me I had insulated the wrong house! He was really nice about it, even though I had made a costly mistake. He knew, at least, that I had tried my best.

Sometimes I have the same problem in my Christian walk. As a husband, as a dad, and as a pastor, though I often try really hard to serve the Lord, I sometimes make costly mistakes.

If you have the same struggle, take heart from Hezekiah's gracious prayer for the people who had come for the Passover. Many people had rejected Hezekiah's call to worship at the Passover (30:10), but many others came in a heartfelt way to honor the Lord.

However, those sincere worshipers made mistakes; they did not follow the regulations for cleansing before coming to celebrate the Passover.

But, as Hezekiah said, God is good. Don't be discouraged, and don't give up! If you have set your heart on seeking God, he will be merciful and kind, knowing that even our best attempts will sometimes wind up with the wrong results.


Father, sometimes I head off in the wrong direction even though I really do want to serve you. Thank you for your mercy. Build up my faith and give me your wisdom, I pray. Amen.


Devotion topics: Bible, Books of the Bible, 1 & 2 Kings