God and Money

Scripture Reading — Matthew 6:19-24

No one can serve two masters. … You cannot serve both God and Money.
Matthew 6:24 — 

Jesus speaks here of a contrast between God and money. Many people today like to think that no such contrast exists. They think we can grow in our love for God and at the same time grow in our love for money. But in our Scripture for today, Money is capitalized to make a point. Money is a materialistic god that competes for the worship of the true God.

Can we grow in serving God while serving Money? Can we somehow “have our cake and eat it too”? Jesus says, “Don’t even try. ?No one can serve two masters.’”

Love of money enslaves people to the cruel demands of materialism. People who love money never have money enough. It’s like trying to quench our thirst with salt water. Money can be attractive and look refreshing and lure us into thinking it can meet all our needs. But money can never satisfy our needs for spiritual health, relationships, community, and much more. Only God can provide for all our needs, because he’s the one who made us.

So, then, is money evil in itself? No. What matters is how you use it. Our money needs to be in service to Jesus. Consider how we can use money to show God’s love to others and pursue the causes of God’s kingdom.

What financial investments are you making in kingdom ministry that will last for eternity?


Loving God, help us resist the materialism of our age in order to receive and respond to your love. Help us to display your love by our use of your resources. In your name, Amen.