Celebration: Jesus Celebrates a Wedding

Scripture Reading — John 2:1-11

This [sign] ... Jesus performed in Cana of Galilee. He thus revealed his glory ...
John 2:11


For the next several days we?ll focus on a less intentionally practiced discipline: celebration. God?s people should celebrate when they recognize God?s work and presence in their lives. Jesus is the best person to teach us to celebrate.

In the book of John, Jesus celebrates several meals with differing groups of people. Each meal uniquely reveals Jesus, ?the bread of life,? nourishing his followers with his words and actions. That is worth celebrating.

In John 2 Jesus prevents a potential social disaster. I?m sure the families of the bride and groom in Cana thanked Jesus for making ordinary water into extraordinary wine to rescue their children?s wedding party.

Yet there is much more to celebrate. John says this first miraculous sign ?revealed his glory.? What is glorious about this? Not the wine, but the identity of the Wine-maker. John 1:14 tells us that Jesus, the Word of God in human flesh, literally ?pitched his tent? among us and that we have witnessed his glory. It is glorious that Jesus moves in human circles, blessing human activity and relationships with his divine presence.

At every wedding or birthday party you attend, celebrate Jesus? presence and blessing among you. Thank God that in the events of daily life Christ?s glory lives and works among us.


Mighty God, your glory seems so far out of reach. Yet you love us so much that you send your glory among us. May we witness and praise your presence in Christ. Amen.


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