Our Faith Journey

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Tips for Doing Devotions

Daily devotions are meant to be a source of encouragement and joy, not a duty or a burden! Devotions are just one way we surrender ourselves to God and show our need for him every day.

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Philippians: The Mind of Christ

This month, our Today readings focus on the New Testament book of Philippians. The apostle Paul, from his prison cell in Rome, writes a heartwarming and encouraging letter to the church in the city of Philippi. Not only did he encourage the Christians there, but this letter has continued to encourage and warm the hearts of Christians throughout the centuries. Our theme this month is “Philippians: The Mind of Christ.”

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What is the Church?

This month our Today readings focus on the growing early church, after Christ’s resurrection and ascension into heaven. We’ll see how the fledgling community developed in Jerusalem, especially how it began to grow after the Holy Spirit came on Pentecost. And we’ll see how God continues to be at work in the world to build his kingdom. Our theme this month is “What is the Church?”

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Living as Easter People

This month, our Today readings take us through Bible passages about Jesus’ followers in the days immediately following Easter. And we’ll see what it means to live as people of the resurrection. Our theme this month is “Living as Easter People.”

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Why Is It Called Easter?

Why is it called Easter? What does Easter mean? This article gives answers to these questions and others.

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Important Easter Definitions

For the uninitiated Easter can be a confusing holiday. Here are the key terms you need to know to understand the Easter holiday season.

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The True Origins of Easter

Curious about Easter’s origin? Find the answers to your questions, such as “where did Easter come from?” or “When and how did Easter start?”, as we explore the early history of Easter.

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What is the Story Behind the Most Popular Easter Traditions?

Egg hunts, magical bunnies, special foods, and so much more. How did all these traditions get their start? Let’s explore some of the most popular Easter traditions together.

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