7 Thanksgiving Devotionals

A proper attitude of thanksgiving takes more than a few scattered reflections. These seven devotionals will help you reflect on God's grace and guide you through this season of thanks.

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Images of Salvation

This month our Today readings focus on pictures—pictures that the Bible portrays to describe the way of salvation and our walk with Jesus Christ. Our theme this month is “Images of Salvation.”

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5 Quick Devotions for Moms

The Bible has lots to say on how to live a godly life as a mom! To make life just a little bit easier, we compiled a list of 5 short devotions for moms on the topics of faith, wisdom, and love.

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Prayer: Heart to Heart with God

This month our Today readings focus on the topic of prayer—effective communication between God and his children. Our theme this month is “Prayer: Heart to Heart with God.”

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Devotions for Work

10 devotions about work that will inspire and encourage you to see the value and kingdom purpose in the work you do.

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Quick Devotions for Men

There are many conflicting ideas about masculinity and what it means to be a man. These devotional series from Today reaffirm foundational truths about God and ourselves as men of God.

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The Discipline of Hospitality

This month our Today readings help us to focus on the spiritual gift of hospitality that each of us must practice as we walk the Christian life. Our theme this month is “The Discipline of Hospitality.”

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6 Times of Day You Could Do Daily Devotions

Is there a particular time of day for you that will help solidify your personal devotions as a daily habit in your life and create a routine that centers your day around God? Here are some ideas to consider about when you might do your daily devotions.

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