Living as Easter People

This month, our Today readings take us through Bible passages about Jesus’ followers in the days immediately following Easter. And we’ll see what it means to live as people of the resurrection. Our theme this month is “Living as Easter People.”

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Why Is It Called Easter?

Why is it called Easter? What does Easter mean? This article gives answers to these questions and others.

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Important Easter Definitions

For the uninitiated Easter can be a confusing holiday. Here are the key terms you need to know to understand the Easter holiday season.

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The True Origins of Easter

Curious about Easter’s origin? Find the answers to your questions, such as “where did Easter come from?” or “When and how did Easter start?”, as we explore the early history of Easter.

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What is the Story Behind the Most Popular Easter Traditions?

Egg hunts, magical bunnies, special foods, and so much more. How did all these traditions get their start? Let’s explore some of the most popular Easter traditions together.

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What is Easter All About?

Let’s cut through the clutter and take a look at the true meaning of Easter.

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Where Are You?

This month our Today readings take us through Bible passages that focus on Lenten behaviors. Our theme this month is “Where Are You?”

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Early Morning Devotions: Meeting with God First Thing

Setting aside early-morning time for personal devotions lets us dedicate the whole rest of the day to God.

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Following Jesus: Lessons From Luke

Our February theme for the Today devotions, written by Pastor Reggie Smith, is “Following Jesus: Lessons from Luke.”

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