Why a Daily Devotional?

In a world of bottomless to-do lists, why bother with daily devotionals? What tangible benefits do they offer? Discover two important and interrelated answers to these common questions.

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Lessons from Luke

Our readings for May, “Lessons from Luke,” are centered on the first six chapters of Luke’s Gospel in the New Testament. Pastor Reggie Smith will help us to learn from Jesus’ birth, childhood and early ministry.

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Who Wrote It? Pastor Reggie Smith on “Lessons from Luke”

Hear from Today author Reggie Smith about what he hopes people will take away from his devotional series “Lessons from Luke.” Find out why he thinks as Christians we need to break out of the familiar, set down our technology, and embrace God-led change in our lives

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Why Choose the Today Devotional?

With so many devotional options, why choose the Today daily devotional? Today offers an opportunity to consistently read the Bible and meet with God each day. Experienced writers develop themes over a whole month, so you can really "dig into" what Scripture means. Other advantages include access to an extensive archive and other features on our website.

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How can we learn to live like a Christian?

Pastor David Den Haan has written our Today devotional readings for April, "The Education of Moses." We'll follow the Old Testament hero, Moses, through the biblical story in Exodus, as God teaches him about how to lead and how to serve the people of Israel as he leads them from Egypt to the Promised Land.

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Christ is Risen!

Looking for help for devotional readings for Easter? These suggestions may be just what you are looking for.

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A large wooden cross, viewed from the base, i.e. looking up towards the skyA large wooden cross, viewed from the base, i.e. looking up towards the sky

Near the Cross

Our March theme for the Today devotionals is “Near the Cross,” written by Pastor Tom Groelsema. Our readings this month will help us focus on Jesus and his amazing work of salvation for us.

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God’s Work and Ours

Our upcoming theme in February for the Today devotionals will be “God’s Work and Ours,” written by Pastor Rob Toornstra.

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This God We Worship

Our upcoming theme in January for the Today devotionals will be “This God We Worship,” written by Pastor George R Young.

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