Daily Devotional Library

Living Wisely in a Foolish World

October 1, 2015

Wisdom, Life’s Essential Element

Proverbs 1:1-7
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.

October 2, 2015

Lead Me Not Into Temptation

Proverbs 1:8-19
Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.

October 3, 2015

Are You Simple, or What?

Proverbs 1:20-33
How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge?”

October 4, 2015

Storing Up Truths

Proverbs 2:1-11
My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you . . . then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.

October 5, 2015

Knowing What to Do

Proverbs 3:1-12
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

October 6, 2015

The Lord’s Good Discipline

Proverbs 3:11-20
My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline . . . because the Lord disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in.

October 7, 2015

Being Good Neighbors

Proverbs 3:27-32
Do not say to your neighbor, “Come back tomorrow and I’ll give it to you”—when you already have it with you.

October 8, 2015

Guarding Your Heart

Proverbs 4:1, 5-9, 20-27
Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them. . . . Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.

October 9, 2015

Heart Purity Needed

Proverbs 5:1-6, 15-18, 21-23
[Jesus] began to teach them. . . . “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

October 10, 2015

Jealousy and Anger: Good Emotions?

Proverbs 6:20-24, 32-34
Jealousy arouses a husband’s fury, and he will show no mercy when he takes revenge.

October 11, 2015

Living Life to the Fullest

Proverbs 8:32-36
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

October 11, 2015

Living Life to the Fullest

Proverbs 8:32-36
“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

October 12, 2015

The Banquet Invitation

Proverbs 9:1-12
Wisdom has . . . set her table. She has sent out her servants, and she calls from the highest point of the city, “Let all who are simple come to my house!”

October 13, 2015

Remembering the Righteous

Proverbs 10:1-11
The name of the righteous is used in blessings, but the name of the wicked will rot. . . . The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life.

October 14, 2015

Love’s Covering

Proverbs 10:12-20
Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.

October 15, 2015

Giving and Being Refreshed

Proverbs 11:24-31
A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

October 16, 2015

A Healing Tongue

Proverbs 12:17-28
The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Truthful lips endure forever.

October 17, 2015

A Wise Friend—A Gift From God

Proverbs 13:15-20
The righteous choose their friends carefully. . . . Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.

October 18, 2015

A Heart at Peace

Proverbs 14:29-35
A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.

October 19, 2015

An Unusual Meal

Proverbs 15:1-17
Better a small serving of vegetables with love than a fattened calf with hatred.

October 20, 2015

A Crown of Splendor

Proverbs 16:23-33
Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness.

October 21, 2015

Honoring Parents

Proverbs 23:15-25
Whoever robs their father and drives out their mother is a child who brings shame and disgrace. . . . A man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him.

October 22, 2015

A Good Name

Proverbs 22:1, 17-23
A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

October 23, 2015

Example, Example, Example!

Proverbs 22:1-6
Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

October 24, 2015

Wise to Be Humble

Proverbs: 25:1-7
Do not exalt yourself in the king’s presence, and do not claim a place among his great men; it is better for him to say . . . “Come up here,” than for him to humiliate you.

October 25, 2015

Letting Sparks Fly

Proverbs 27:1-6, 17
Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses. . . . As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

October 26, 2015

Drip, Drip, Drip

Proverbs 27:10-16
A quarrelsome wife is like the dripping of a leaky roof in a rainstorm; restraining her is like restraining the wind or grasping oil with the hand.

October 27, 2015

Your “Heart Condition”

Proverbs 27:19-27
As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart.

October 28, 2015

A Father’s Joy

Proverbs 29:1-11
A man who loves wisdom brings joy to his father, but a companion of prostitutes squanders his wealth.

October 29, 2015

Hearing From Mother

Proverbs 23:29-35; 31:1-9
Let beer be for those who are perishing, wine for those who are in anguish! Let them drink and forget their poverty and remember their misery no more.

October 30, 2015

What to Ask

Proverbs 30:1-9
“Two things I ask of you, Lord . . . : Keep falsehood and lies far from me; give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.”

October 31, 2015

A Wise Woman

Proverbs 31:10-31
She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. . . . Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.